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Brickwork survey & assessment services

Terrence Lee Conservation offers historic brickwork survey & assessment services to homeowners, potential buyers and building professionals which are aimed at providing detailed information for their respective needs.

The importance to architects of well written, unambiguous specifications to formulate a conservation philosophy with which to conduct successful conservation works cannot be overstated.

Equally important is the need for contractors and specialists to be able to understand the specification in order to execute good conservation repairs using good well sourced materials.

Working closely with the architect or home owner,
I aim to compile unambiguous precise information on historic and traditional brick structures  that be used to feed into and compliment specifications but can also inform conservation statements, funding applications, impact assessments and statements of significance.

“I asked Terrence Lee Conservation to write a conservation statement for Demesne Farm, a Grade II listed Georgian Model Farm on the Doddington Estate in Cheshire. The result was a highly detailed, extremely well presented study of the buildings both in terms of historical research and of the numerous decay issues associated with the brickwork. Terrence Lees' ability to combine practical craft and conservation knowledge has been invaluable in satisfying the requirements of English Heritage with a view to conserving this unique historic building.”



I place great emphasise on thorough and detailed on-site research and desk based assessment of the brick building or structure and this information is presented as a detailed report in either PDF format or hard copy with copious colour photography.

By physical on-site investigation, I will identify by elevation:

  • Brickwork features, style and form, bonding arrangement & gauge, brick size, nature & characteristics of the brick, jointing or pointing finish  

  • Condition - factors that could affect the survival of the traditional brickwork including a lack of maintenance and inappropriate materials and methods.   

  • Potential for unseen traditional technologies and construction methods 

  • Sampling & brick & mortar for  matching   

  • Identify craft skills required to execute planned repairs

  • Logistical requirements and site considerations for brick conservation works 

  • Impact that intervention may have on the significance and character of the structure

Pre-Purchase brickwork assessment

This service is aimed at potential buyers of period brick-built property who require a greater understanding of the building fabric, the context of the brickwork including original & new alterations to it and an estimate of the cost of remediation works as well as logistical & administrative factors involved.
  • Interpretation of brickwork, style, features & finishes

  • Identification of defects & factors affecting the survival of the brickwork including external factors.

  • Issues relating to listed property and how this would effect any potential works.

  • Logistical & administrative requirements for works.

  • Details provided in a PDF report format.

Brickwork survey

This detailed measured survey of brickwork elements of the building is aimed at homeowners or building professionals who require a detailed overview of the brickwork on the basis of which, projects can be planned, prioritized & specifications prepared if required.
  • Identification of architectural style & historical context.

  • Elevation by elevation examination including description and all elements of the brickwork including characteristics & natures of the brick, style, form, enrichments, joint finish & inappropriate interventions & maintenance issues.

  • Identification of factors affecting the survival of the brickwork.

  • Sampling of materials for analysis & matching if required.

  • Action plan for remediation & maintenance.

  • Details produced as a fully illustrated PDF.

Pricing & Further information

Please contact us for details of pricing of these services.


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