My approach to traditional building conservation is to carry out informed, researched repairs which are pleasing to the eye, durable, and executed with the techniques appropriate to the era of the building.  

My aim is to reverse the affects of decay on traditional brickwork, to enhance the traditional built environment and to breathe new life in to buildings and structures. Each project that I carry out is preceded by a thorough assessment undertaken during a visit to the building or structure. The brickwork is studied carefully and recorded to identify the natures of brickwork, features, condition and form and to identify agents of decay or issues that could negatively affect a repair. 

I aim to use as much of the original material as possible and intervening only where necessary so that the character of the building is retained. Before any repair work is undertaken, samples of lime mortar can be taken during the assessment of the building in order to achieve a good match in terms of colour and texture whilst brick measurements and characteristics are also taken for subsequent matching. 

A repair methodology is then prepared which sets out the extent and priority of the repairs. Repairs are evidence based, allowing for the appropriate materials and the execution of traditional craft skills appropriate to the age and context of the building.

Carry out a non-structural physical investigation of the brickwork to determine natures, form & style of the brickwork.
Identify decay mechanisms and the factors affecting the survival of the traditional brickwork.
Carry out sampling of the brickwork and obtain matching materials.
Execute traditional brickwork repairs.
Record by photographs or sketches the work, before, during and after repairs.

Traditional lime pointing using tools and techniques appropriate to the historical era of the property including modern flush jointing, tuck pointing, penny ha’penny joints, Victorian weather struck & cut.

Typical practical brickwork that I can undertake include:

Gauged brickwork camber arches
Stitching repairs to brick work
Repairs, rebuilding & repointing of rough stone work
Brickwork repairs below ground level
Brick removal and replacement using original brick where possible
Chimney repairs & rebuilding
Traditional solid brick work in traditional brick & lime mortar
Plastic repairs to brickwork using natural ochres & pigments
Limecrete bases


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